Strange Days, Free Reads, and Hanging in There

Anybody else wondering how to get through these strange and trying times? I’m thinking a show of hands would be unanimous on that. I’ve also been thinking about how I could help others who, like me, are looking for ways to pass the time and distract ourselves from the itsy bitsy panic-stricken moments we might be experiencing.

One tip is to not lose track of the good things we still have. For example, the first day of Spring arriving this Friday! We’ve got more sunshine, more daylight hours, and my daffodils are starting to green up the flower beds in my backyard making me anticipate the beautiful spring colors that will soon arrive. So let’s celebrate spring!

My contribution is to give away free copies of my Amazon Kindle books.  Now I realize zombies might not suit everyone’s reading appetites right now (or at any time), but for those who are so inclined…

Zombie Café, my novel, is free on Amazon starting Friday March 20 through Sunday March 22nd

and then…

Zombie Blues, my short story collection, is free on Amazon starting Monday March 23 through Wednesday March 25th.

I hope these free reads help to entertain some of you during these very strange days!

To keep my brain occupied with something other than unnerving news and empty grocery store shelves I’ve been throwing myself deeper into writing, taking Dan Brown’s Master Class, hugging my dog a lot, and re-watching Chuck seasons 1 through 5. (Ah. Happier days.)

How is everyone else coping? I’d love to hear from you here or on Twitter!

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