The Walking Dead, the Zombie Blues, & a Freebie

It’s October again and that means it’s time for the new season of one of my favorite series The Walking Dead. Coming up this Sunday October 6th we get to see more of the creepiest foes in the series (at least in my opinion) the Whispers. That’s going to make for one heck of a season!

In celebration of TWD’s return the Kindle version of my zombie short story collection “Zombie Blues” will be available for free on on October 6th, 7th, and 8th. Yep, for three days you can get nine zombie stories to tide you over between episodes of The Walking Dead.  The collection includes my story “And Her Little Dog, Too,” which first appeared in the 2011 Halloween Special on the Zombies and Toys website (an undead friendly website you might want to check out).

zombie blues 3

I hope you’ll take advantage of the freebie and have a bit of pre-Halloween fun reading my stories. I’d love to get your feedback on any or all of them. You can leave a comment or review here, on Amazon, or on Goodreads.

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