Supernatural: Angels, Demons, and the temptation to be human

Just a quick note after watching tonight’s episode of Supernatural

Yep. ***SPOILERS*** so if you haven’t watched it yet don’t read farther.

At the end of last season Castiel became human. Tonight in “Heaven Can’t Wait” we saw that Crowley seems bent on completing the hand that Sam had almost dealt him right before the angels fell to Earth: becoming human.

It made me wonder if we’re not headed to a new theological cocktail where demons and angels trade places, first becoming human and then transitioning to fill the shoes of their opposites by season nine’s end. Is there a halo in store for Crowley? Stranger things have happened. And—it does follow a certain logic: if an angel can become a devil as Lucifer did, why can’t a devil become an angel?  There are certainly enough vacancies to fill in Heaven right now thanks to Metatron’s spell that a determined ex-demon might be given wings for some really good behavior and a healthy dose of redemption doing good deeds to help the Winchester boys and Kevin.

But more importantly: what TV theme song will Cass sing next? (For those too young to be in the know, that was the theme from Greatest American Hero that Cass sang as a lullaby tonight. And, yes, nerd that I am, I still know all the words by heart.)

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