Writers Panel 8 Podcast: #1 on my list

Okay. So, I’m late in talking about and in listening to the podcast Nerdist Writers Panel #8 from June 12, 2011. (Been slaving away at finishing up my zombie novel, so not much free time.) But now that I’ve listened to this podcast: woot! So good, I’ll probably listen to this one a second time.

This panel consisted of Amy Berg (Eureka); Ben Edlund (The Tick; Angel; Supernatural); Angelina Burnett (Boss; Memphis Beat). Not only were there a lot of inside stories from TV shows I love, but there was an avalanche of great advice on writing.  I strongly recommend it to any of you aspiring script writers out there. Or just fiction writers who want to take some tips from episodic TV to tighten up plots.

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